Ishita Jalan
July 02, 2014
And the flashback starts...
Priyanjali Sanyal
June 18, 2014
A Long Day...
Shanoo Priya Garg
June 17, 2014
In the 'Kothi'
Naveen Gadhvi
June 16, 2014
From the steep slopes of Gulabo
Shradha Sinha
June 15, 2014
The Mountains Echoed
Ira Chakraborty
June 14, 2014
Oxygen to Courage
Amanjit Singh
June 13, 2014
Technology Siir Chad ke bol de...
Neha Kandwal
June 13, 2014
Garbage, art, and some anarchy
Arunima Bhattacharya
June 12, 2014
In Transit
Ishita Jalan
June 12, 2014
Charlie and the cement factory
Sachna Arora
June 11, 2014
Far from the madding crowd
Naveen Gadhvi
June 10, 2014
Namrata Upadhyay
June 9, 2014
Samosa@Parliament !
Gaurav Madan
June 9, 2014
Cold streets and quivering usher
Swathi Varma
June 6, 2014
Love food, Hate Waste
Pankaj Menon
June 6, 2014
Courier boys and Globalisation
Mitali Rawat
June 4, 2014
Web 2.0
Shanoo Priya Garg
June 3, 2014
Through the forgotten lanes
Priyanjali Sanyal
June 2, 2014
Hitting the ground running !


Dichotomy of the Visible

Whether it is the issue of climate change, or forest conservation, pollution, or hunger or even the gender divide, the common denominator is that there are people who are beyond being held accountable. They are too big, too powerful, too rich , too well connected. But history shows that if things are to change, there must always be a coming together of all affected. This time round however, even those who are not directly affected must come together , if we are, in anyway, meant to survive. And this coming together has begun.

All of us, in some way or the other, have been influenced by those before us, our parents, our teachers, mentors who exposed us from a young age to the dichotomy visible around us, and taught us how to observe the many ways in which this fault line manifests itself . And they did not stop here. We were also sensitised to it and taught to connect to everything around us on a personal level.

Here we have a result of this awareness- a diverse collection of first hand experiences, narrated with sensitivity. These experiences are marked with an element of interconnectedness.

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