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  Exploring the myth - ‘Poverty is the biggest polluter’
  When Indira Gandhi attended the UN World Environmental Conference in Stockholm in 1972, she never said precisely "Poverty is the biggest polluter" but rather asked the question; are not poverty and needs the greatest polluters? However when this is being quoted in various articles her statement has grown into the  myth: ‘Poverty is the greatest polluter’. This has become the very foundation of our project, as everyone felt that this statement was to general and subsequently sparked off so many other questions. With this statement, Indira initiated a global debate on the relationship between poverty, economic growth, ecology and environment. Suddenly there was a realization that there is only one earth and global actions must be taken to combat pollution. This website is meant to show that there are MANY more pollutive factors to take into account, and we hope to uncover various aspects that fit into Indira’s statement and break down the myth of poverty and needs being the single biggest polluters.
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